What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy hair is human hair that has been cut and maintained with the cuticles aligned and bound together at the top of the bundle, it is the highest grade of hair you can purchase on the market. This process is important to ensure the hair used mimics that of natural hair grown from the scalp because all hair flows naturally from the same direction, this is what allows remy hair extensions to be and feel soft and silky.

How Long Will My Clip Love Extensions Last?

The lifespan expectancy of our hair extensions will always depend on how well you maintain them. However, we are confident in saying our human hair extensions can last anywhere from 8 to 12 months if you use them daily. They can last  for many years if used occasionally . It is important to know how to care for your hair extensions, such as how often to wash them and how to wash them. Storing your extensions plays a vital part in the lifespan of your extensions too and making sure your set is always gently brushed before, during and after every wear to prolong your extensions lifespan.
Our Premium Futura Hair Extensions are better suited for occasional or weekend wear, with a typical lifespan of 3-4 months.

Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

Human Hair - our Extensions are made from 100% Grade A Remy Human Hair, so you can apply hair dyes/toners to adjust the shade. However, in doing so would be at your own risk and this would void the right to return (as we are unable to guarantee any shade results from using these products).
Futura Hair - As our extensions are made from a mono-fibre material, we advise against using any hair dyes or toners, as this could damage the hair and is unlikely to take to the fibres.

How To Put In Clip In Hair Extensions?

All of our Hair Extensions and Ponytails are super easy to apply, it literally takes less than a few mins to achieve your ultimate hair goals! For application tips, techniques and tricks - pop an email across to our info@cliplove.hu and our girls will be more than happy to assist you, we also feature tutorials within many of our product descriptions.

Can You Use Heat On Your Futura Hair Extensions?

All of our Futura Hair Extensions are pre-styled and ready to wear for your convenience, however if you wanted to tweak the style you can! Heat can be applied using Straighteners up to 180 degrees. We don’t recommend using any heat styling tool which exceed this temperature, as it will damage the delicate fibres. To curl the hair, Ceramic Heated Rollers can be applied to small sections of the hair extensions. Ensure that you leave these to set in the hair for around 30-45 mins (perfect to do whilst doing your make-up!) Once they have completely cooled, gently remove the rollers from the hair to reveal soft, bouncy curls!

Do You Stock Highlighted Shades?

We stock a wide range of shades to ensure that we have a perfect hairmatch for all! Most of our shades have subtle highlights/tones running through them to ensure a completely natural finish and blend with your own hair. We also stock a dedicated 'Highlighted' range of shades which have more prominent tones running through them. From babylights to balayage and ombre, we have a shade for you!

My Hair Extensions Are Too Long, Can You Cut Them For Me?
We are unable to custom trim the hair extensions unfortunately! However, if you find that the Hair Extensions are a little too long - they can of course be trimmed shorter to your desired length. We find that if you brush the hair extensions through and lay them on a flat surface, by using a comb you can measure an equal length across. You don't need to use professional hairdressing scissors if you don't have these.A lot of our customers trim their Hair Extensions to achieve a much more natural looking length and finish. We also find that by trimming the hair shorter, they appear much thicker at the ends this way too!

Does A Professional Need To Apply My Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions and ponytails don't require a professional to install. These can easily be applied and removed from the convenience of your own home.

Does Clip Love Offer Trade Pricing For Salons?

Yes, we do. Clip Love is not just a business-to-consumer company, we are proud to be a business that sells to salons too. We are passionate about providing high quality products to anyone that is interested. To apply for our trade prices, please send your qualification certificates to info@cliplove.hu

Can I Sleep With My Hair Extensions Still In?
We don't  encourage you to sleep with your pony or clip in hair extensions. Sleeping in them can cause tangling which will overall be detrimental to the integrity of not only your set of extensions but you're  natural hair too.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

We take Paypal and credit card (Master Card, Maestro, Visa)
Bank transfer is possible as well